Sunday, 22 June 2008

I'm a WowFan

This is My Fan art. True! Undead Priest VS Blood elf Paladin. I spent long time on drawing the first image. I know the style is far from war craft. I was impacted by manga and Korea Game character design too much.
But I am a wow fan. That's enough. It doesn't matter.
Troll girl without tusk, a gift for a friend. I love undead. XD

Friday, 6 June 2008


+++Nikon D70S+Photoshop+++
I lost my way one day in London. Acturally it was just 5 mins to my home but I comfused in a non-sign cross. I took out my camera then record some imges to avoid missing in the same place. But the trees and branches attracted me and absolutely transfered my attention to take hundreds photos of them.. .. ..
Finally I designed a 6 IMAGES series to express the feeling I got on that day.
Home is close but Eyes can not see.
[Birds were puzzled by a swarm of branches.]