Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Visit a small Town

These days I felt depressed. Drawing might be the only way I would relief this felling.
This is a pencil work on an A2 Card Paper I did Last Summur. My Nikon Didn't work well so the image was a bit blur.
Pencil Hand-Drawing + Photoshop CS3
Visit a small Town
This town has its rules, its logic. The habitants in this small mechanical town were mini person. They are intellegent and well-controled to ensure the robot-shape town working. The Swardsmen in the right-bottom corner came to visit it when its system in troubled waters. The Town was confused with the mini habitants and virus it wanted to clean.
"Remenber: Patience, Discipline." is a sentence I got from A character - Male Undead in Game world of warcraft.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

midSummur nighT 003

The Dark thieved your eyes.
Photoshop CS3