Tuesday, 19 August 2008


My Poor Egg4
his face was scalded by boiling oil when cooking.
Why I enjoy drawing disordered lines and pattern? Is it some kind of subconscious? Simple Love, complicated self hood.
A pale half year. I lost my way and the hindrance is myself.
What does I fear? The balance between I, him and my parents. The ideal and reality. Will Marriage broke the seeming peace? One day he and I will become "WE".
For him, Marriage is so important to be a pledge.
I know. I want to do so but not now.
How to unify our different value?
Parents said: Be happy, Change yourself.
Waiting so long, he felt heart-broken. My egg4 has the cracks on his eggshell which made by I.
Whoops! Just a marriage!
烫伤的蛋蛋 为什么我喜欢毫无章理的画线条和花纹。某种潜意识?简单的爱,复杂的自我。 这半年不是滋味,自闭是因为过不了自己那关。 我在惧怕什么?有一种平衡。我,他,父母。理想,现实。婚姻是否会打破这种表面平和?有一天我和他将变成我们。 我和他的价值观如何才能统一。 爸爸妈妈说,快乐起来,改变自己。 等待让人心碎,蛋蛋的壳破了,我摔的。 哎,不就结个婚么!

Plenilune. We enjoy in silence. Sing an old folk song in heart.

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